How to use and care for the bottle function to convert ordinary water into hydrogen water and alkaline water and microcluster water and gas inhalation function

How to use the Trifinity gen 2 bottle safely and correctly



Alkaline stone:

- take the alkaline stone

- take a glass and fill the hot water from the water dispenser (near-boiling)

- soak the alkaline stone for 30 minutes (to reduce the smell of new product)

- when you rinse the alkaline stones, don't shake them too hard, the stones rub together easily, the water becomes cloudy.

Bottle and the generator:

- while waiting for the soaking, please take the generator (that is shaped like an apple), and open the generator by twisting the cover (upper part).

- install the bottle body, by twisting it to the generator. Make sure the bottle turns lightly, then tighten it.

How to install the alkaline stone:

After soaking for 30 minutes, install the alkaline stones, by:

- take the bottle cap, then install the alkaline stone to the bottle cap.

- assemble the bottle cover to the bottle body.

note: for the first time, please clean the bottle/generator by filling the water into the bottle, press the button once (to turn on the 5 minutes mode), then pour out the water (do not drink), refill the water, turn it on, then throw it again (repeat minimal 5 times).



- filled with drinkable water, temperature used 5°C - 60°C (cold water or hot near-boiling water)

- press the button 1x for 5 minutes mode, press again to turned off

- press the button 2x directly, for 15 minute mode. (suitable for inhalation)

- if the electrolyze process is finished, the indicator light will turn off automatically and the water is ready to drink.



- open up the rubber bottle charger cover (behind the generator)

- take the charging cable, insert the black end of the cable into the charger hole until it is plugged in perfectly (the arrow sign faces the top)

- take the adaptor, attach the cable to the adaptor 

- the black and white parts must be opposite (if can’t be plugged, don't force it, try to reverse it).

- when charging, the indicator light is red (low-battery)

- when charging, if the green and red light flashes, it means that the cable is not plugged in correctly or not enough electricity to charge. This may cause electronic devices to not last, including the bottle generator.

- the bottle should not be turned on when charging

- when charging the bottle may be empty or filled with water

- red indicator light, means the bottle is low battery

- if the battery is fully charged the indicator light will be green

- remember to close the charger cover after finishing charging

- average charge time is 3 hours, but may be charged overnight with the original charger because of the good quality charger.

- a full battery can be used for 10 x 5 minutes.



- Regular drinking water tested contain hydrogen 0 ppb, and orp +(number) free radicals (RO)

- Regular drinking water that is processed with trifinity bottle for 5 minutes, contain hydrogen (1200ppb), and antioxidant orp (-600mV)

- The hydrogen content will last for 2 hours if the bottle is sealed but will decrease gradually. (according to the test for hydrogen number after 2 hours sealed bottle)

- if the bottle is open, the hydrogen content will decrease faster, after 2 hours you should turn it back on if you want higher hydrogen content (according to the test for hydrogen number after 2 hours opened bottle)

- pH test

RO drinking water pH before processing is around 6 (acidic)

the pH of RO drinking water after processing is around 9 (alkaline)

- if you want a higher pH, then after drinking, refill the bottle so that the alkaline stone remains submerged longer

- but the pH of the alkaline stone cannot be more than 10 so it’s still safe for consumption

- replace the alkaline stone after 2 months.



- release the generator from bottle body

- attach the generator or converter cap 

- when installed, make sure the bottle drat is light, then tighten it

- remove the converter cap 

- fill water to the limit of the drat

- take the inhalation nasal cannula and the connector (do not try to open the inhalation hose and connector, it will loose) 

- attach the inhalation connector to the converter

- take a clear glass filled with water

- insert the nose tube into the glass filled with water, press 2 times (5 minutes mode) to see if there are hydrogen bubbles, If there are no bubbles it means there is a leaking part. So do not remove the inhalation hose from the connector.

- Then dry the nose tube with a tissue.

- attach the nasal cannula tube to the nose then adjust the lock on the back of the head

- turn on the generator

- Do the inhalation for 30 minutes at night.

- the inhalation effect for normal people are sleep well at night. Some people may have breathing problems (feel dizzy) use it gradually, don't force it.



- connect the converter to the generator (assemble it back to the apple shape)

- remove the converter cap (the small cap in the middle top of the generator cover)

- install to the mineral bottle, (max 600ml)

- tilt the bottle that is installed with the generator before you press the button.

- this method is not recommended because you cannot get the benefits of alkaline (since the alkaline stones cannot be installed in this process)



- generator should not be exposed to water, refrigerated, or boiled in a sterile/steam machine.

- ONLY the bottle’s body and the cap can be washed with soap

- After several uses (monthly), we suggest carrying out a rinse of the electrode in order to improve the performance. Especially if the hydrogen bubbles become small or slow,

- There are 2 ways to do this, 1.autocleaning process and 2.using citric acid/vinegar

- the autocleaning process (green light) should not be too frequent, because apart from the smell it can damage the engine, it is only allowed to do it once a month using RO water.

- we SUGGEST using citric acid or vinegar to clean the electrode, it is a safe and easy method.

Remove the bottle cap and the alkaline stone. Put 2 tablespoons of vinegar dissolved in 1/3 bottle of water. Electrolyze the water once. Soak for around 10 minutes, then rinse with clean water, in order to remove the precipitate which is attached to both sides of the electrolysis

(rinse at least 3 times.)


10-12 bottles a day

- Urine is more profuse - defecation is smoother

- Improve sleep quality to deep sleep (maximize cells regeneration)

- Faster recovery process (forsore throat, Cough, Flu, Canker sores)

- Decrease complications 

- Detox and remove toxins

If the system can work, your body can recover itself and the immune system will increase.

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3. Small bubbles, how to wash with vinegar?

4. How to wash the bottle?

5. Soak alkaline stones and replace stones every 2 months?

6. Hydrogen, antioxidant and pH test?

7. What water should be filled?

8. Heavy metal test on water?

9. How to auto cleaning?

10. 5 minute bottle mode?

11. Initial effects of drinking a Trifinity bottle?

12. How to attach to mineral bottle?

Several thing need atention

  1. New alkaline stones tend to smell, need to be soaked for 30 minutes with hot water from dispenser, then pour into a bottle and rinse 5 times. (reduce smelly of new product)
  2. Fill the water into the bottle, one click the button to turn on the mode for 5 minutes, then drain the water, refill the water, turn it on again and then throw it again (repeat for 5 times). Because before shiping process the hydrogen generator being quality tested with water, if shipping take too long, the remain water that settles in generator becomes smelly.
  3. When you rinse the alkaline stones, you don't need to shake them too hard, the stones rub together easily, the water becomes foggy
  4. The autocleaning process (green light) should not be too frequent, because apart from the smell can damage the engine, it is only allowed to do it once a month using Ro water.
  5. Or autocleaning in a safe and easy way using vinegar
  6. The generator must not be exposed to water or washed or must not be put in the refrigerator.
  7. Water temperature used 5°C - 60°C (cold water or hot water dispenser)
  8. Water leaks in the bottle, make sure the bottle is installed properly and tightly, Do not fill water too full during the hydrogenization process.Cause hydrogen gas needs space too, if the bottle is filled too full with water, then the hydrogen gas has no place it tends to break through any gaps in the bottle causing leaks or damage to the generator due to the large hydrogen pressure.
  9. Bottles, caps and generators must not be boiled or steamed or sterile machine
  10. When the charger don't be turned on the bottle, it can damage the battery and always use the default adapter (5 volts), and safe to charge until morning.
    Use of inhalation, double click the button for 15 minutes mode use 2 times (30 minutes), do it at night for 30 minutes (will tend to deep sleep).


  1. Do not place this product in heating devices such as ovens, microwaves, dishwashers or dryers to avoid cracking, electric shock, or explosion of the battery and refrigerator.
  2. Be sure to charge in a dry place to avoid electric shock, short circuit, fire.
  3. For the first time use, soak lye stones in hot water for 30 minutes then rinse 5 times at the same time rinse the tumbler. The tumbler generator should also not be exposed to water.
  4. When charging the tumbler, the position of the bottle must be standing and not put to sleep.
  5. The tumbler is only filled with potable water, such as branded mineral water or refilled water. The PEM/SPE tumbler can also process RO water, but the use of this mineral-free water on a regular basis should be avoided because it is not good for health.
  6. Do not fill the tumbler with flavored water such as soda, soft-drink, unfit for drinking water, and dirty water because it can damage the tumbler generator.
  7. The temperature of the water used ranges from 5 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius (cold water or hot water from the dispenser)
  8. Do not place the tumbler for a long time in a humid place such as a sauna, and avoid it from being exposed to rain.
  9. Customers whose fluid intake is limited by a doctor, such as patients with kidney failure or heart disease, must follow the doctor's advice both in the amount of fluid per day and the pH of the water they drink.


  1. Fill the bottle with potable water, such as bottled mineral water or refilled water from gallons. Do not overfill the water into the tumbler, leave a little room to increase the effectiveness of the electrolysis process.
  2. Press the on button to process hydrogen. Press 1 time to drink mode 3 minutes, the battery can last to use up to 10 times the production process. Press directly 2 times for 15 minutes for inhalation mode, the battery can last for up to 3 times the production process.
  3. When the blue light is off, it means that the electrolysis process is complete, and the water should be drunk immediately. The hydrogen level in the water will decrease gradually over 2 hours, and it's best if you want to drink again, repeat the above process one more time.


  1. For bottles that have just been used, or old bottles that haven't been used for a long time (the water bubbles may be small), separate the lye stones, fill the tumbler with plain water halfway, then press and hold the ON button for 5 seconds to start the auto cleaning process. A green bubble light will light up indicating the start of the process to clean the platinum/titanium plate automatically. When you're done, rinse the tumbler a few times until the vinegar smell goes away.
  2. Titanium/Platinum plates can be cleaned automatically with the auto cleaning process, but sometimes there are calcium deposits from the water that make the bubbles smaller. For that, separate the lid and the lye stone, fill the hot water from the dispenser (temperature 60 degrees C) as much as half a bottle with about 5 tablespoons of vinegar, press and hold the ON button for 5 seconds to start the auto cleaning process, then let stand for 30 minute. Then rinse clean several times until the smell of vinegar is gone.


  1. Open the plastic cover of the charger plug
  2. When the bottle charger, the red low batt red led light becomes a full green led light, about 3 hours
  3. You can charge overnight while the bottle is empty or filled with water, as long as you don't turn on the bottle when charging the battery
  4. Use the default adapter from the bottle, if you have to use another adapter, make sure the DC output is 5volt


  1. During the hydrogen process, the bubble light is blue
  2. When the battery is low, the bubble light is red
  3. When the charger is red, the light
  4. When the battery is full the light is green
  5. Auto cleaning green bubble light


  1. Product storage, if the product has not been used for a long time, the hydrogen bubble effect will decrease, the bottle must always be moist
  2. A moist bottle that is not used for too long will cause an odor, when you want to use it, it is recommended that alkaline stones soak in hot water for 30 minutes and then rinse 5 times at the same time, rinse the tumbler.
  3. Alkaline stones that have been soaked in water, must be moist, if they are too dry, the stones can break due to friction and the water soaked in the stones tends to be cloudy.
  4. If the red light is not on when charging:
    • Make sure the adapter and cable are plugged in properly
    • Make sure the cable connector to the bottle is plugged in properly
    • Make sure the power plug socket is on
  5. Water leakage Make sure the bottle is securely attached (can be ascertained by tilting or shaking the bottle )
  6. The generator cannot be immersed in water
  7. Bottles & caps and generators should not be boiled or steamed or machine sterile
  8. When you rinse the alkaline stones, you don't need to shake them too hard, the stones rub together easily, the water becomes cloudy 

Because this bottle is not a heavy metal water filter, it is recommended to obtain effective results:
 It is better to fill it with drinking water that has guaranteed quality and authenticity, for example, gallon water sold in Indomaret, for example, the Aqua or Cleo brands
. Because unbranded gallons of water, well water and tap water that are cooked contain a lot of heavy metals.
So if it is used to fill the hydrogen bottle, the results will also be less effective because heavy metals will still enter the body.
How to test water content with electrolysis:

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 Try to drink 12 bottles a day
 Consistently replace alkaline stones every 2 months, spy still gets the benefits of alkaline water.
 Make sure the hydrogen bubbles stay tight, if the bubbles are small, clean them with vinegar.
 This bottle can be filled with warm water or hot water dispenser (no boiled boiling water)
Especially for people with covid coughs and flu, because it helps thin phlegm to facilitate breathing.
 For those who are sick, they have vomiting, diarrhea and stomach acid rises to the point where they can't eat, help with nestum or oat quaker
. The trick: make it a little watery and drink with a straw so it's easier.
 For those who have covid, faster healing helps oxy immune, 30 drops x 3 times a day.

The effects felt if you regularly drink alkaline hydrogen water:

  • More profuse urine
  • CHAPTER smooth
  • Sleep better
  • Sore throat, canker sores, heartburn, get well soon
  • Reduce complications
  • Remove poison

If the system can work, then the body can heal itself.
If you have felt the benefits, please be pleased to provide a spy review that can help others.
If the system can work, then the body can heal itself.

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