Trifinity Bottle Gen 2: Hydrogen Alkaline Microcluster Inhalation

Turning ordinary water into hydrogen, high-antioxidant, alkaline, and micro-clustered water beneficial for cell regeneration, safe and economical therapy strengthen body's immunity against free radicals.

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What is Trifinity Hydrogen Alkaline Bottle?

Converts ordinary water into alkaline hydrogen and micro-clustered water at once, which have same characteristic like Miracle Waters in various parts of the world such as (Zam-zam, Nordenau, Lourdes)

1. What is Alkaline Water?

Penjelasan air alkali dalam botol trifinity

 Alkaline stone increases the water's pH to Alkaline (above 8), normal drinking water is usually have a neutral pH (7).

 Acidic body conditions can be changed to neutral or normal.

  Alkaline without hydrogen, may not be maximal because the body's pH becomes neutral, but the body is difficult to regenerate or repair body cells.

2. What is Hydrogen Water?

Explanation of hydrogen trifinity bottle

  Hydrogen helps regenerates or repairs damaged cells

  Hydrogen rich water acts as an antioxidant neutralizes free radicals and regenerates damaged cells.

  Hydrogen without alkaline, resulting the body's pH condition is hard to neutralize (acidic) caused the hydrogen molecules difficult to regenerate cells, as a result the hydrogen molecules work less effectively.

  Helps promote a healthy body and anti-aging effects

3. What is Microcluster Water?

Trifinity hydrogen alkaline generator produce micro-cluster water like Zamzam Lourdes Milagros water to remove body waste and plaque deposits to prevent and cure more than 170 critical illnesses

 Microcluster is nano size of water molecules.

  So it is easy to enter the body's tissues down to the deepest cell level to carry dirt and plaque deposits and then be excreted through the urine.

 Drink micro-clustered water (small molecules) make you less bloated.


 The three functions above complement each other, if one is missing, the result will be less effective.

  unhealthy body tends to be acidic so it needs to be neutralized first with alkaline water.

  Unhealthy body cells or damaged cells that cannot work properly need the help of hydrogen molecules for cell regeneration.

  and an unhealthy body is difficult to remove residue and plaque deposits,  need help of microcluster water so that damaged cells do not spread everywhere (complications).

 When the body's environment is neutral with alkali, the body waste and plaque can be reduced by microclusters, finally, the hydrogen molecules can regenerate cells, so that the sick person's body can recover.

The initial effect of using Trifinity bottle

 Urine volume Increased, but not frequent
 Good bowel movement and smoother
 Improve sleep quality to deep sleep
 Healthier and fresh body everyday

Trifinity by Kompas and Detik Media

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Trifinity alkaline stone increases the pH of normal water to alkaline pH 9 in 5 minutes to neutralize body acidity

Produces high hydrogen content of antioxidants equivalent to 516 apples

All in-one benefit of hydrogen alkali and microclusters in a Trifinity bottle provides a double booster effect on preventing and helping to cure disease

All Trifinity products are consumed daily by the owners and employees of the company, guaranteed to be safe and tested for quality


What they say after using Trifinity bottles regularly?

Disclaimer results for each individual can be different

We provide a wide range of price options for hydrogen bottles


The difference between 4 kinds of bottles

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How much it costs??


IDR 1,500,000



Why Trifinity?


2in1 combination  of alkaline water bottles and hydrogen bottles into one Other brands can only be alkaline or hydrogen only.

 Can increase the pH of the water to alkaline like (alkaline bottles) ranging from pH 8-10
 Generate hydrogen molecules such as (hydrogen bottles) more than 1200 ppb
 If you have a Trifinity bottle, you don't need to buy two different bottles.
 Generate safe and natural high antioxidants anytime anywhere


SPE/PEM technology

 The water produced is clear when compared to technology that has not been SPE/PEM
 The taste of the water produced is also fresh so that it increases the desire to drink.


Free from chlorine and ozone

 There is an exhaust system at the bottom of the bottle (green button)
 Produced healthier water than a bottle without an exhaust system


Auto cleaning mode

 The function is to clean the generator so that the hydrogen bubbles remain rapid
 Equipped with a choice of 5-minute mode or 15-minute mode (for inhalation)


High quality Titanium Platinum plate

 The generator material used is high quality Titanium Platinum.
 Titanium type is anti-rust and safe (no bolts).


1 year warranty

 Trifinity bottles come with a 1 year warranty.
 Meanwhile, many hydrogen bottle products are not equipped with a warranty so they cannot be repaired.


Premium quality reasonable price

 Products with premium quality such as Trifinity are sold at a price range of 4 million in the market.
 Trifinity can be attached to Le Minerale or Pristine bottles (Thick plastic bottles)

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