Figure out why your bowel movements is not smooth and the solutions

Constipation or difficulty defecating is a digestive problem that is experienced by many people in general

Constipation is generally caused by the following factors:
1. Excessive stress and lack of sleep
2. Pollution
3. Improper diet habits.
4. Lifestyle/unhealthy eating, lack of fiber and water supply
5. Health conditions.
6. Effect of other drugs

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Do not let constipation problems for too long because it will give a bad impact on our health. What troubles will occur when we constantly experience constipation?
1. Your stomach oftentimes feel full or bloated, nausea, and cramps.
2. Pimple and dull skin.
3. Other serious health problems.

Even though constipation is uncomfortable, don't rush yourself to take laxatives or other stimulants that can cause side effects or end up more painful to the stomach or potentially cause dehidration

Here's the tips! How to deal with constipation or difficulty defecating

Here's ways to deal with constipation:
1. Drink water at least 12 glasses or 2 liters a day.
2. Eat high-fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables.
3. Actively exercising or moving.
4. Take probiotics

SlimTrifinity provides a practical solution to overcome the problem of constipation or difficulty defecating without any side effects.

What is Slimtrifinity?

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High-fiber powder drinks (same as eating fruits and vegetables) also contain probiotics which are good for digestion, especially for bowel movements and get rid of excess fat and carbohydrates through defecation so it won't accumulate into body fat.

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Softgel (same as an exercise to burn fat) contains OMEGA 3 which regulates the body's metabolism, so it also can reduce the body fat.

maintain your intestines and get rid of your constipation right away! with slimtrifinity you can overcome just 1 easy and inexpensive step! 

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  1. Height
  2. Weight before pee
  3. Body weight after peeing (with the same clothes) to measure the weight of the urine excreted
  4. Body weight before defecation
  5. Body weight after defecation (with the same clothes) to measure the weight of stool that is released
  6. Defecation Frequency
  7. Drink how many glasses of water per day?
  8. What brand of drinking water do you consume daily? (mention the brand)
  9. Do you often drink sweet drinks? (1 time / 2 times a day)
  10. Last meal or snack (what time)
  11. Sleep time
  12. Wake up time
  13. Describe certain conditions (ulcer stomach, pregnancy, breastfeeding, low blood pressure, etc)

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